Upholstered Fabric Bunk Beds – 7 of the Best You Can Find Online

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by Sarah Wright

 If you have two kids living in a small bedroom, getting a bunk bed is a great idea. It saves space, giving your kids more room to play and makes room for other important furniture pieces like a desk, wardrobe, etc. When shopping for a bunk bed, you’ll notice that they are either wooden or metal.

However, it is possible to find an upholstered bunk beds, which will add a touch of sophisication and style to any bedroom. They are padded and upholstered in fabric, so they are more comfortable for your kids compared to a wooden or metal bunk bed. There are very few upholstered bunk beds sold, however we’ve found the best ones that are sold online and featured them in this article.

How to choose a fabric bunk bed?

  • Generally, upholstered bunk beds can’t be separated into two single beds. With wooden bunk beds, a lot of them can be detached into two single beds, giving you more flexibility on using it in the future.  You won’t be able to find an upholstered L-shaped bunk beds.
  • All upholstered bunk beds have low height,  and fit two single size mattresses. Since they are lower to the ground, this makes them safer for toddlers and young kids to sleep on the lower bunk.
  • The top bunk should not be used by kids who are 6 years or younger, due to safety reasons. Only once your child reaches 6 years old, you can move him/her to the top bunk. 
  • Check if the item comes with a warranty and how long it is (1 or 5 years). Also, since this is large furniture item, some retailers have a shipping charge. Double check beforehand if there is any delivery fee and how much it is.

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1. Willow Fabric Bunk

Willow Upholstered Fabric Bunk Bed

The Willow bunk bed has the same look as the Lubana (shown below), it’s low to the ground for easy access by both kids. It’s upholstered in grey fabric, with buttoned detailing on the headboard and foodboard. It’s very easy to assemble, and many customers have complimented that it’s sturdy and “rock solid”. It has a very high rating 4.9/5 stars from 30 customers. 

Price: £399 from Dreams (image source and retailer)

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2. Argos Home Upholstered Bunk Bed

Argos Home Upholstered Bunk Bed

This is a sturdy, modern and functional upholstered bunk beds, that make any kid’s room look like a grown-up. Here the ladder is located in the center, so you can position the bed anywhere in the room. Unlike the other beds on this list, here the lower bunk has a small underbed clearance of 10 cm. Also there is 90cm height between the bunks, which makes it more comfortable for your kids to sleep or read there. The dimensions of the bed frame are: 205cm long, 100cm wide, 160cm high. You can also buy it with two mattresses included for £570.

Price: £350 from Argos (image source and retailer)

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3. Lubana Fabric Bunk Bed Grey

Lubana Upholstered Bunk Bed in Grey

This bunk bed has grey fabric upholstery, making it perfect for any girls’ or boys’ bedroom. The head and foot end of the bed feature pinched details. Here the lower bunk is almost touching the ground, so it can be easily accessed by your kids. You can buy it without a mattress or with a choice of two standard mattresses (for £499) or two premium mattresses (for £559).

Price: £379 (bed frame only) from Very (image source and retailer)

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4. Lubana Fabric Bunk Bed in Pink

Lubana Upholstered Bunk Bed in Pink

This is the same Lubana Bunk Bed but in Pink colour! Perfect for two girls who want to create a beautiful stylish bedroom. Both the bed and ladder have a light pink hue, which goes well with variety of colour schemes. You can buy only the bed frame or with two mattresses.

Price: £379 from Very (image source and retailer)

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5. Saturn Fabric Bunk Bed (Oatmeal or Grey)

Saturn Fabric Bunk Bed (Oatmeal or Grey)

This bed will easily fit in with any bedroom décor. It comes in cream like oatmeal colour, which is versatile
and suitable for both girls and boys. The top bunk is entirely surrounded by lipped edges and sides, expect for a small hole above the ladder, where your child can climb up and down.  It comes with 5 year guarantee and free shipping to UK mainland.

Price: £399 from HappyBeds (image source and retailer)

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6. Charlie Fabric Bunk Bed – Grey/Pink

Charlie Fabric Uphostered Bunk Bed

Another very stylish and original option from Very. It’s upholstered in soft grey fabric, with pink button and piping details on the headboard and footboard. The ladder is also in pink, making the bed perfect for girls.
It comes with sprung slates, which are more comfortable and provide more support than regular flat slats.

Price: £399 from Very (image source and retailer)

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7. Mandarin Fabric Bunk Bed with Mattress Options

Mandarin Fabric Bunk Bed with Mattress Options

This bunk bed will add elegance to any bedroom, since it’s upholstered in crushed velvet type fabric. It has curved tops and diamond stitched details on the end panels.  If you’re shopping for a girl’s bedroom, their sure to love the glam and gorgeous look of the bed. You can also add two mattresses and save on your purchase. 

Price: £429 from Very (image source and retailer)

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The prices mentioned in this post were last updated on November 16, 2020. For up to date prices, please click on the link of each product.