Best Low Bunk Beds that Have Low Height

There is nothing like a low bunk bed to create a safe, comfortable, and functional bedroom. Here the bottom bunk is almost touching the ground, which makes it suitable for toddlers and younger children. The top bunk is also lower, with just 2 or 3 step ladder, which makes climbing up and down safer and easier. 

Low Bunk Beds can be used by siblings, roommates, sleepovers and out-of-town guests, but the bottom bunk can also be used as a reading or play area for those who do not need two beds. 

To help you get started on your shopping, here are 8 beautiful low bunk beds to consider adding to your home.

1. Flair Shasha Low Wooden Bunk Bed

Flair Shasha Low Wooden Bunk Bed

The Flair Shasha Low Bunk Bed is designed with a low-to-the-ground structure, offering easy and safer access for young kids. It’s crafted from high quality wood, and is available in classic white or contemporary grey. It measures only 118.3cm high, 197cm long, 99.5cm wide, and is also available as a shorty bunk bed which has a more compact size (182cm long by 84.5cm wide). This product comes with 1 year guarantee, and free UK delivery.

Price: £260.10 (reg. £289) from BedKingdom

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2. Hilda Cabin Bed with Bunk Underbed and Play Area 

Hilda Cabin Bed with Bunk Underbed and Play Area in Classic White

The Hilda cabin bunk bed is made of solid pine wood and finished in classic white to fit any bedroom interior. It comes complete with wooden slats to create a secure, durable bunk bed. The angled ladder can be placed on the left or right side of the bed, and the underneath area can be used as a play area or bottom bunk. On the picture you can see a built-in tray (sold separately) on the top bunk  for toys, snacks or beverages. You can also buy this bunk bed with a slide. Dimensions: 114cm high, 101cm wide, 202cm long. 

Price: £231 (reg. £289) from Noa and Nani 

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3. Stockton Low Sleeper Bunk Bed, by Strictly Beds and Bunks

Stockton Low Sleeper Bunk Bed

This Stockton Low Bunk Bed is made in Britain using sturdy pine wood. It can support weight up to 17 stone or 108 kilograms, which means that kids and even adults can use it. The ladder can be assembled on the left or right side, and it has extra thick flat rungs, which makes getting up and down the ladder easy for your kids. You can buy the bunk bed frame only, or include two mattresses at the time of purchase. The dimensions of the bed frame are: 202cm long x 98cm wide x 123cm high. However, it’s available in two sizes 3ft single or 2ft6 single.

Price: £269 from Amazon 

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4. Courtland Low Bunk Bed with Slanted Ladder, by Strictly Beds and Bunks

Courtland Low Bunk Bed with Slanted Ladder

The Courtland Low Bunk Bed is almost identical to the Stockton (shown above), the only difference here is that the ladder is slanted. You can assemble the ladder on the left or right side. It’s also manufactured using solid natural pine wood, and is a heavy duty frame that can support kids and even adults. It is environmentally friendly product, with a natural wooden finish (no chemical treatments or paints have been applied to this product). You can buy only the bunk bed frame, or add two mattresses, saving you time and money.

Price: £280 from Amazon 

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5. Saturn Fabric Bunk Bed 

Saturn Grey Fabric Bunk Bed

You’re sure to love this fabric bunk bed, which has an upholstered bed frame. This makes it even more child friendly, since it has soft edges and comfort.  You can buy it in grey or oatmeal colour to complement any room interior. In addition, there are button piping details on the sides. The ladder is a simple three-rung ladder. This product comes with 5 year guarantee.

Price: £474.99 (reg. £649.99) from Happy Beds 

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6. Solar Grey Wooden Bunk Bed Frame

Julian Bowen Solar Bunk Bed

This is a contemporary and beautiful low bunk bed, that you can buy in white or dove grey finish. It is low to the grown allowing your kids to easily get in and out of bed. This bed embraces the Montessori Method, by giving them freedom of movement and exploration, in addition to making it safer to the traditional higher bunk bunk beds. It has a curved edge design and is made from sturdy particleboard.
Price: £559 (reg. £854) from HappyBeds 

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7. Flair Jungle House Wooden Bunk Bed

Flair Jungle House Wooden Bunk Bed

Are you looking for something cooler and more unusual? Here you have a kid’s jungle house bunk bed, which will transform their whole bedroom. It has a roof panel making it look like a real house. Your kids can play there during the day, and sleep comfortably and safely at night. The frame is manufactured from pine wood and has white finish. Its height is 223.5cm, so make sure you double check that there is enough room for it to fit horizontally.

Price: £379 (Reg. £399) from BedKingdom

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8. Luca Contemporary Low Bunk Bed

Luca Contemporary Low Bunk Bed

Here you have an option with that’s the lowest to the ground, measuring at 120.5cm in height. It has a modern and contemporary black and white design. While all edges are curved for added safety. You can add some curtains and create a fun play area.  When shopping from Cuckooland you have an option to also add a mattress and you can choose from either the 1000 Pocket sprung mattress or Pocket sprung foam mattress.

Price: £615 (reg. £769) from Cuckooland 

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Why Choose a Low Bunk Bed?

The main reason why parents choose a low bunk bed is safety. The bottom bunk touches the ground which is perfect for toddlers and young children. While getting to the top bunk only is easy, since it’s usually just two or three steps climb up. Their height can be around 115cm, while a normal bunk bed is around 155cm high. This is a significant difference, and some young children might not like climbing up and down the tall ladder, every time they want to get in and out of bed.

Luckily, you can find a range of low bunk beds for your child or teenager. The beds come in various styles, colours and sizes to fit your space. Some beds even include extra features such as a built-in tray. Regardless, it is important to choose a product that is high-quality and durable to ensure you are getting the best bunk beds for your money.


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