What is a Mid Sleeper Bed? Ultimate Guide

What is a mid sleeper bed

Mid Sleeper beds are very practical for two reasons: they’re placed higher up to give you some space to sleep comfortably, while providing you with enough storage capacity to organize all your varied needs. The best of both worlds, Mid Sleepers are the ideal solution to a smaller room that doesn’t offer much room for … Read more

5 Best Bunk Beds Sold by Happy Beds Reviewed

bunk beds by happybeds

Buying the right bed for your kids shouldn’t be a hard or stressful decision. Many parents choose to buy a bunk bed for their kids because simply there isn’t enough room to fit two beds. Plus, you have to consider that there should be enough free floor space for play time, as well as for … Read more

How to Set Up a Montessori Bedroom for Your Child?

Montessori Kids Bedroom Ideas Tips

A concept initially devised by Maria Montessori, the purpose of a Montessori bedroom is to foster independence, creativity, learning, and play in young children. The movement takes a hands-on and experiential approach to learning, which is thought to lead to a deeper understanding among all subjects and at every level. Read on to learn more … Read more

Best Kids Montessori Beds That Encourage Learning

best montessori beds by lifetime kids

Parents use different methods of raising their children, from teaching them how to show appreciation to assigning age-appropriate chores when they are young. One method that is becoming popular among parents is using a Montessori Method in their bedroom. One of the most important furniture pieces is of course the bed, that’s why many parents … Read more

Best Low Bunk Beds that Have Low Height

best low bunk bed hilda

There is nothing like a low bunk bed to create a safe, comfortable, and functional bedroom. Here the bottom bunk is almost touching the ground, which makes it suitable for toddlers and younger children. The top bunk is also lower, with just 2 or 3 step ladder, which makes climbing up and down safer and … Read more

Best High Sleepers With Built-in Wardrobe

Best High sleeper with wardrobe argos jackson

If you are looking for a way to add style and function to your bedroom, consider a high sleeper bed with a wardrobe. It features a built-in wardrobe with a spot to hang clothes, as well as a bottom drawer or shelf for accessories. In some cases, it may feature extra amenities such as built-in … Read more

5 of The Best Shorty Bunk Beds for Small Rooms

best shorty bunk bed josie

If you have very limited space at home, but still need to find a sleeping solution for two kids, then consider getting them a shorty bunk bed. They are smaller in size and will free up space in the room for other items, such as: desk, wardrobe, etc. Your kids will still have a comfortable … Read more

Erin Bunk Bed Review – Perfect if You Need Extra Storage!

erin bunk bed review

The Erin Bunk Bed is an option for siblings and sleepovers, as well as children who need more storage for their belongings. It’s available in white colour with oak finish on the back of the shelves and drawer. This neutral colour combination makes it perfect for both a boys’ or girls’ bedroom. This bunk bed … Read more

Quadruple Bunk Beds – Sleep 4 Kids Comfortably!

best quadruple bunk bed

When you have limited space at home, but want a bed that can sleep up to four people, then getting a quadruple bunk bed is a great solution. Even if you have a small bedroom, you can find the right quadruple bunk bed, which can sleep two people on top and two on bottom. Most … Read more