How to Choose a Bunk Bed for Your Kids?

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Many parents prefer to buy a bunk bed for their kids, because this way they can save space and there will be more room left for other furniture or for play time. If your kid’s bedroom is short on space, then a bunk bed might be the best solution. There are many types of bunk beds that are sold in furniture stores, and even online and many parents are wondering how to choose a bunk bed. Read on for some of our tips.

General Safety Tips:

  • You should always keep in mind that due to safety reasons, the top bunk should not be used by kids younger than 6 years old.
  • The mattress that’s placed on the top bunk should not be more than 14cm or 16cm deep (depending on the bunk bed).

General shopping tips:

  • Make sure you carefully check the dimensions of the bunk bed and you measure the space you have in your kid’s bedroom. You need to be sure that there is enough space for the bunk bed, and also you’ll need some free space while you assemble the bunk bed.
  • Keep in mind, that the ladder on some bunk beds can be fixed on either the left or right hand side, while on other bunk bed models it is fixed on one side only and can’t be changed.
  • Some bunk beds can be detached and separated into two single beds. This is a very handy option, once your kids grow older and want to sleep in two separate bedrooms, this way you’ll have two single beds ready for use.

Barnese Single Bunk Bed by Just Kids

Here is an example of a standard bunk bed. This is the Barnese Single Bunk Bed by Just Kids, that’s one of Wayfair’s bestsellers. It’s made of solid pine wood and can be separated into two single beds if needed. It has a high 4.6/5 star rating from over 140 customers.
Price: £265.99 (from Wayfair – image source and retailer)

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Why buy a bunk bed online?
Many people buy bunk beds and other kids furniture online. Over the years, this practice has become more and more popular. Some of the benefits of buying a bunk bed online are that you’re saving time driving to the furniture store, almost all of the time the shipping is free when you buy a bunk bed online, and you can compare and choose from a wide range of bunk beds sold online. You can compare the prices and also see if there are some on sale.

Types of bunk beds sold:

  • Standard bunk beds – with a single bed on top of a single bed. You’ll also be able to find bunk beds that fit these mattress sizes: Small single (75cm x 190cm), UK single (90cm x 190cm), European single (90cm x 200cm). Some are detachable, which means that you can separate them into two single beds.
  • L Shaped bunk beds or Corner bunk beds – as the name suggests it, these bunk beds are designed to be placed in the corner of a bedroom.  You might be able to find L Shaped bunk beds with a desk or storage units built in.
  • Bunk beds with trundle – some standard bunk beds come with a trundle bed, that can pulled out, and used as a third bed by your kids or as a guest bed, if they have guests over.
  • Triple Bunk Beds – if you have three kids that have to share a bedroom then this is a good option to consider. You’ll find these 3 types of triple bunk bed configurations: small double bed on bottom with a single bed on the top bunk, a double bed on the bottom with a single bed on top, or three single beds one over another. Here is a good selection of Triple Bunk Beds you can buy online.

Bunk beds can be made of: metal, MDF, or solid wood. Generally metal bunk beds have the lowest price, compared to wooden bunk beds. Also, the majority of bunk beds come in white colour, but you can also find other colours, such as: grey, natural wooden, blue, etc.

Bunk beds with cool design:

  • London bus is probably the most popular and iconic bunk bed, that resembles the London bus. Many kids will be trilled to sleep in such a bed, and also use it during the day for playing.
  • House Bunk beds – if you want to go for something more extravagant, then you’ll want to check out some House bunk beds. They have a design similar to a house, with a roof and cut out windows, for example.
  • Bunk beds with slides – there are some bunk beds, with a ladder on one side, and a slide on the other. Your kids and their friends will love to slide down the slide and play.

Accessories for bunk beds:

You can add an accessory to your kid’s bunk bed, that will add a touch of originality and creativity into your kid’s bedroom. For example you can buy curtains, with different designs and prints for boys or girls. Pockets bed organiser or a bed shelf. You may also want to check out cotton ball lights, that look lovely when placed on just about any piece of furniture.

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