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Kidsbedexperts.co.uk was launched in 2018 with the aim of making parents’ life easier when it comes to finding the right nursery and kid’s furniture pieces and accessories. As your baby gets older you’ll notice that you’ll need to change many of your baby’s furniture to suit a toddler, then an older child, and finally a teenage kid. Many parents are wondering what type of bed to purchase, what size, should it be a mid or high sleeper, etc. We aim at making this decision easier by writing about some of the best furniture products you can find from leading kids furniture retailers, such as: Cuckooland, John Lewis, Wayfair, Very.co.uk, Made.com, Amazon, Ikea and others. Our aim is to focus on kids’ beds, since this is one furniture piece your kid cannot do without! But we also write about other furniture items. In our posts we try to include items that would fit any style or budget and that have high customer rating.

Please note that Kidsbedexperts.co.uk features affiliate links. This means that we may be compensated for items purchased through our site, at no additional cost to our site’s readers. This compensation allows us to maintain our operations as a professional and up-to date website, free of any ads or banners.

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If you have any general questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at: contact @ kidsbedexperts.co.uk