5 of The Best Shorty Bunk Beds for Small Rooms

If you have very limited space at home, but still need to find a sleeping solution for two kids, then consider getting them a shorty bunk bed. They are smaller in size and will free up space in the room for other items, such as: desk, wardrobe, etc. Your kids will still have a comfortable place to sleep, which will take up less space than needed. In addition to this, you can use the underbed clearance to store some boxes and kids items, and make the room more clutter free and organised.

What is a shorty bunk bed?

Shorty bunk beds are shorter and narrower than regular size bunk beds. In some cases, they are 15cm shorter and 15cm narrower than standard bunk beds, but this will depend on the model and manufacturer.

Regular size bunk beds fit a UK single size mattress, which is 190cm long x 90cm wide (6ft3 long x 3ft wide). While the frame of the bunk bed will make it several inches or centimeters larger. For example, the size of a regular bunk bed usually measures around: 205cm long x 103cm wide. This can be a problem for many families, who don’t have a lot of free space in their children’s bedroom. If this is the case with your family, a shorty bunk bed is the solution.

A shorty bunk bed fits a shorty mattress, which is 175cm long and 75cm wide. They measure 2ft6 in width, and the length can vary from: 5ft3, 5ft6, 5ft9, 6ft depending on the model. Just make sure you carefully check the dimensions which are provided, so that you’re sure it will come in the size you want. If you’re looking for a shorty bed, that can sleep one child only, then check out our article on the best kids shorty beds.

Shorty bunk beds are hard to find, and only a few retailers actually sell them. But we did the research, and we’ve listed 5 beautiful beds that you should definitely consider!

1. Flair Bea Shorty Bunk Bed

Flair Bea Shorty Bunk Bed

The Bea Shorty Bunk Bed has many great features, plus it has an affordable price. It’s made from durable pine wood and offers both longevity and charm. It fits two shorty mattresses (75cm x 175cm), with an option to add a trundle bed or drawer. Its easy self-assembly feature ensures quick setup, while the solid slatted base guarantees comfort and support. You can choose between sleek grey or timeless white.
Price: £199.99 (reg. £209.99) with free delivery

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2. Flair Shasha Low Shorty Wooden Bunk Bed

Flair Shasha Low Shorty Wooden Bunk Bed

The Flair Shasha Low Shorty Bunk Bed is a charming addition to any kids’ bedroom. Crafted from durable pine, this shorty bunk bed offers easy self-assembly and sturdy construction. Available in white or grey, it suits both a girl’s or boy’s bedroom. The shorty-sized mattress (75cm x 175cm) and slatted base ensure comfort, while the timeless design adds enchantment to any room.
Price: £189.99 (reg. £199.99) with free delivery

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3. Flair Callisto Shorty Bunk Bed

Flair Callisto Shorty Bunk Bed Frame

The Callisto Shorty Bunk Bed is another great option to consider. It measures 182cm long, 82cm wide, 142cm high. The mattress size that fits this bed is a shorty single (75cm x 175cm). Perfect for compact spaces or sleepovers, it’s robust, straightforward, and space-efficient. With its durable construction and smaller footprint, it promises longevity and convenience. You can choose between grey or white colour.
Price: £249.99 with free delivery

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4. Noomi Nora Solid Wood Shorty Bunk Bed

Noomi Nora Solid Wood Shorty Bunk Bed

Crafted with sustainability in mind, the Nora Shorty Bunk Bed is perfect for siblings. It boasts a secure ladder and safety side rails, offering peace of mind against falls. Constructed from solid pine, it ensures durability and a contemporary look. FSC certified, the wood is responsibly sourced. Coated in non-toxic white paint, each piece undergoes moisture testing for longevity. It accommodates a Shorty mattress 175cm long x 75cm wide, with a recommended thickness of 16cm for safety.
Price: £259.99 (reg. £269.99) with free delivery

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5. Comfy Living 2ft6 Shorty Wooden Bunk Bed

Comfy Living 2ft6 Shorty Wooden Bunk Bed

This Shorty Bunk Bed has a clean and practical design, and will look great in any girls’ or boys’ bedroom. You can order it in 3 colours: white, caramel or pine. This means that you’re sure to find the best colour that will match your children’s bedroom perfectly. You can detach it into two beds, if needed. It’s made of solid wood, and has wooden slats. The bed frame has a size of: 186cm long, 84cm wide, 149cm high, making it very compact and space saving.
Price: £263.99

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6. Comfy Living 2ft6 Shorty Bunk Bed with 2 Mattresses

Shorty Childrens Bunk Bed with 2 Standard Mattresses

If you need to buy two mattresses with your shorty bunk bed, this is the perfect option for you. In addition to the shorty bunk bed, that’s made of solid wood, you also get two mattresses included. This way you don’t have to worry about buying the mattresses separately, since they will arrive together with the bunk bed. Your kids will have everything ready and set. The bed measures: 141cm high x 83cm wide x 182cm long. A good majority of the people who bought this bed mentioned that it’s sturdy and beautiful, and has very reasonable price.
Price: £258.99

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7. Everest Classic Bunk Bed (Short), by Strictly Beds and Bunks

Everest Classic Short Bunk Bed, by Strictly Beds and Bunks

Here is another shorty bunk bed that is manufactured by Strictly Beds & Bunks in England. It’s made using only the fines Scandinavian solid pine wood. This is considered a heavy duty bed, and has been tested to take a weight of 108kg or 17 stone. Here the ladder can be assembled on the right or left. The bed measures: 173cm long, 85cm wide, 185cm high. The clearance between the bunks is 108cm,  which gives more head space to the child or person who is sleeping on the bottom. It comes without mattresses, but if you need to buy them, click here for the same bed with two mattresses.

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8. Stockton Low Shorty Bunk Bed, by Strictly Beds and Bunks

Stockton Low Shorty Bunk Bed, by Strictly Beds and Bunks

This is another sturdy and durable bunk bed by the British company Strictly Beds and Bunks. It’s made using solid pine wood and can hold up to 107kg or 17 stone of weight per user. This is a low bunk bed, where the bottom bunk touches the floor. This is ideal if you have a young child or toddler, who can safely sleep on the bottom. The top should be used by a child 6 years and older. However, since it’s lower to the ground it’s much easier to get in and out of bed for your kids. The Stockton Low Bunk bed measures: 85cm wide x 202cm long x 123cm high. It fits two mattresses with sizes: 75cm wide by 190cm long, which you can buy together at the same time.

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