Quadruple Bunk Beds – Sleep 4 Kids Comfortably!

When you have limited space at home, but want a bed that can sleep up to four people, then getting a quadruple bunk bed is a great solution. Even if you have a small bedroom, you can find the right quadruple bunk bed, which can sleep two people on top and two on bottom. Most of these beds have a similar design, but there are some small details you should keep in mind when making up your choice.

What is a Quadruple Bunk Bed?

A quadruple bunk bed is big enough to sleep 4 kids or adults comfortably. They are good option if you have a small bedroom that needs to sleep three or four people there. You can find a quadruple bunk bed in two sizes:

  • Small double over small double (4ft) – fits two mattresses with size 120cm x 190cm
  • Double over double (4ft 6) – fits two mattresses with size 1350cm x 190cm

When choosing which size to buy, you should carefully check the dimensions of the bed. Make sure you check how long, wide and high the bed is, so that you are sure it will fit inside your room.

Now let’s look at four of the best quadruple bunk beds that you can buy in the UK:

1. Flair Tetrad Detachable Small Double Bunk Bed

Flair Tetrad Detachable Small Double Bunk Bed

The Flair Tetrad Detachable Bunk Bed has a classic design and is on the top of our list for many reasons. First, it’s crafted from solid wood, making it sturdy and durable. Second, the ladder is reversible, so you can assemble it on the left or right side. This bunk bed is detachable, which allows you to separate it into two small double size beds. Finally, it comes in grey or white colour and has a very affordable price tag.

Size: 4ft small double on top and bottom (154cm high, 199cm long, 129cm wide)
Price: £299 from BedKingdom

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2.  Everest Quadruple Bunk Bed (4ft Small Double), by Strictly Beds & Bunks 

Strictly Beds and Bunks Classic Quadruple Bunk Bed Small Double


The Everest Classic 4ft Small Double Bunk Bed is a heavy duty bed, which can be used by adults or kids. It’s manufactured using Scandinavian natural pine wood, which is sourced from sustainable forests. There is a strong centre rail support system, which makes the bed safe and sturdy. The company Strictly Beds & Bunks Ltd. is based in Bedfordshire, UK and manufactures all their beds in the UK. Here the underbed clearance is 36cm, which gives enough space to store some items below.

Size: 4ft small double on top and bottom (185cm high, 202cm long, 129cm wide)
Price: £389.95 from Amazon

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3. Everest Quadruple Bunk Bed (4ft6 Double), by Strictly Beds & Bunks

Strictly Beds and Bunks Classic Quadruple Bunk Bed Double

Another sturdy bed made by “Strictly Beds and Bunks” in England. It comes in 4ft6 double size, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a larger bed that can take sleep four people comfortably. The bed can take up to 108kg maximum weight on each the top and bottom bunk. There is a centre rail support system and thick corner posts.  This double bunk bed is also made from Scandinavian solid pine wood, which is environmentally friendly.

Size: 4ft6 double on top and bottom (185cm high, 202cm long, 143cm wide)
Price: £389.95 from Amazon

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4. Oslo White Wooden Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed – 4ft Small Double

Oslo Quadruple Sleeper Bed Frame

The Oslo Quadruple Sleeper is a beautiful and sturdy and comes in white colour. It’s crafted from durable wooden materials and can sleep up to four people. It’s great for a children’s or guest bedrooms, and will fit easily with any room interior. One reason why you’ll love this bunk bed is that it can be separated into two beds, offering you flexibility on how to use it over the years.  It comes with free delivery and 5 year guarantee. 

Size: 4ft small double on top of small double (158cm high, 206cm long, 140cm wide)
Price: £419 (reg. £629) from HappyBeds

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5. Malvern White Wooden Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed Frame – 4ft Small Double

Malvern Quadruple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Here you have a classic design, with slatted head ends and foot ends, finished off in white. It’s constructed using high quality components. Another reason why you’ll like this bed is because this is a detachable bunk bed, and can be separated into two 4ft small double size beds.  So you’ll always have the option to use it as two beds if needed. The maximum recommended weight limit is 108kg bottom and 95kg on the top. The ladder is slanted can be assembled on the right side only (as pictured above).

Size: 4ft small double on top of small double (176cm high, 206cm long, 134cm wide)
Price: £499.99 (reg. £754.99) from HappyBeds 

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6. LTGB Bunk Bed with Stairs and Trundle

LTGB Bunk Bed with Stairs and Trundle

This LTBG Bunk Bed has a unique layout, allowing it to accommodate 4 kids. It combines a single-size upper bunk, a double-size lower bunk, and a single size pull out trundle bed. It has integrated stairs that double as convenient shelves, optimising space efficiency and organization. With easy access to everyday essentials stored on the stairs-turned-shelves, this bunk bed offers a practical and functional solution for maximising floor space.

Size: single on top, 4ft6 double on bottom (231cm x 242cm x 159cm)
Price: £439 from Amazon

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Tips on choosing the best quadruple bunk bed:

There are few other tips you’ll want to consider when choosing a quadruple bunk bed. After you have decided which size is better for you, make sure it will fit inside your room by measuring the width and length. 

  1. Also, you might want to measure the ceiling height, so you know how much head space the kids who will be sleeping on top will have. Keep in consideration any light fixtures you have on the ceiling, and if they will get in the way of the top bunk.
  2. Another important point to keep in mind, is what is the maximum recommended weight limit for the top and bottom bunks. The kids or adults who will be sleeping there shouldn’t exceed the weight limit. Also, when checking the weight limit, keep in mind that you should also consider the weight of the mattress.
  3. Lastly, keep in mind on which side the ladder is located, for some room configurations this is important to know.

If you only need to sleep three kids, then consider getting a 3 tier bunk bed (with three single beds stacked on top of each other) or a bunk bed with trundle. The trundle can be used only when you have guests over, the rest of the time it stays hidden under the bottom bunk.


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