6 of the Best Double Bunk Beds for Kids or Adults

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Double Bunk Beds are a great option to consider if you’re short on space, but need a bed that can accommodate two or three people comfortably. Double Bunk Beds consist of a single bed on the top and a double (or small double) bed on the bottom, they are also called Triple Bunk Beds. In rare cases, you’ll be able to find bunk bed with a double bed on top and a double bed on bottom (see no. 3, 4, and 5 below).

Before you start shopping for a Double Bunk Bed, here are a few tips you should consider first:

  • Due to safety reasons, the top bunk should not be used by kids who are 6 years or younger.
  • Make sure you check what is the weight capacity of the top and bottom bunk before you buy it. The kids or adults who will be sleeping there should not exceed the weight capacity.
  • Measure the free space you have in your room and the ceiling height. You need to be sure that the bed will fit nicely in the room, and there is enough space to access and sleep on the bed.
  • Some double bunk beds are detachable. This means that you can separate them into two separate beds: a single and a double bed. This is a very handy option, once your kids grow older and don’t want to share a bedroom anymore. This way you’ll have two normal beds ready for use, instead of being stuck with a bunk bed that will have outgrown its use.

1. Oxford Bunk Bed in White – Small Double

Oxford small double bunk bed in white

This is a functional, sturdy and affordable bunk bed that you can buy in white, light grey or dark grey colours. It has a single bed on top of a small double bed, the weight capacity per bed is 100 kg. Once your kids have outgrown it, it can be separated into two beds, which is very handy!
Price: £214.98 from Furniture123 (image source and retailer)

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2. Hanna Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed, by Noa and Nani

hanna-triple-bed-bunk-bed white

This is a beautiful double bunk bed in white colour, that will look great in any kid’s bedroom. It’s made of solid wood and consists of a single and double bed, that can be separated into two beds if needed. Weight capacity is 50kg for top bed and 100kg for bottom bed. One handy feature is that you have the option to buy a single and double mattress from Noa and Nani, at the same time when purchasing your bunk bed. Plus, you get free UK mainland delivery.
Price: £239 (from Noa and Nani, image source and retailer)

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3. Malvern Small Double Bunk Bed

Malvern Small Double Bunk Bed

This white bunk bed has a classic look, that will look great in any bedroom interior. It’s made of solid wood, it’s sturdy and spacious. It accommodates a small double over a small double bed size, with the option to be separated into two beds if needed. The weight capacity is 200kg for top bed and 200kg for bottom bed.
Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 60 customers
Price: £419.99 (from Wayfair, retailer and image source)

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4. Chatham Double Bunk Bed for Kids or Adults, by Just Kids

Chatham Double Bunk Bed for Kids or Adults

This bunk bed has a simplistic look, but it sure delivers on functionality and durability. It’s made from solid Scandinavian pine wood, it’s manufactured in England, and can be used by adults as well as kids. The best part is that it comes in variety of sizes: you can buy a small double over small double, or a double over double. Which means that it can accommodate more than two people. The ladder can be moved to either the left or right side of the bed. The weight capacity is 114kg for top bed and 114kg for bottom bed.
Rating: 4.5/5 stars from 48 customers
Price: £227.99 (from Wayfair, retailer and image source)

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5. Weston Lee Small Double Bunk Bed, by Harriet Bee

Weston Lee Small Double Bunk Bed

Another classic white bunk bed, that will look beautiful in both a boys or girls bedroom. It accommodates two small double sized mattresses on top and bottom beds. The weight capacity is 80kg for top bed.
Price: £365.99 (from Wayfair, retailer and image source)

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6. Bilton Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed with Mattress, by Harriet Bee

Bilton Double Bunk Bed with Mattress

This lovely triple bunk bed, is your one stop purchase if you’re looking for a quality bunk bed with mattresses already included. It comes in neutral grey color, it’s manufactured from pine wood, can be easily split and separated into two beds if needed. It comes with one single and one small double mattress.
Rating: 4.6/5 stars from 25 customers
Price: £439.99 (from Wayfair, retailer and image source)

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House Double Bed! – Lifetime Adventure Hangout Double Bed, by Lifetime Kids

Lifetime Hangout House Double Bunk Bed

If you have a higher budget and want to a truly unique bunk bed for your kids, then consider this Adventure House Hangout Double Bed. It has lots of cool features that will make it the focal point of your kid’s room. There are windows that can close and open, and an internal ladder to climb up and down the bed. It’s handmade in Denmark, using Scandinavian pine from 100% certified and sustainable forests, and it’s been painted with non-toxic paints. You can choose from 3 colours: white, whitewash, or greenwash.
You will need one single mattress on top (90x200cm) and a double mattress on bottom (140x200cm).
Price: £2695 (from Cuckooland, retailer and image source)

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The prices mentioned in this post were last updated on March, 2020. For up to date prices, please click on the link of each product.
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