Cool Toddler Beds for Boys: Spiderman, Race Cars and More

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Is your toddler boy a big fan of Spiderman, Paw Patrol, or Disney Race Cars? If yes, then he’ll be absolutely trilled to have a fun toddler bed with these animation characters on it.

If your toddler is ready to transition from a cot to his very first “grown-up bed”, and you are looking for something more extravagant, then keep on reading. We’ve put together a list of cool toddler beds that are sure to light up your little boys’ imagination, and have him go to bed with a smile.

TIPS: Generally toddler beds can be used from approximately 18 months to 5 years old. They fit a mattress size: 140x70cm or a standard cot bed mattress. When looking at toddler beds, check to see if they have side rails to protect the little one from tumbling down the bed at night. Also most have low to the ground design and a headboard and footboard that’s high, giving extra protection.

Disclosure: This post features affiliate links, which means that we may get compensated for items purchased through our site, at no additional cost to the reader.

1. Paw Patrol Plastic Toddler Bed Frame

Paw Patrol Plastic Toddler Bed Frame

Every boy loves the Paw Patrol, and with this cool bed their favourite characters will come to life. The bed has a sturdy steel and plastic frame, and sleep rails on both sides for added safety.

Buy Now: Paw patrol Plastic Toddler Bed Frame, £69.18, Amazon

2. Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Kids Toddler Bed

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Kids Toddler Bed

Your boy will be racing into bed every night, for action-packed dreams with this Disney Cars toddler bed. It has a solid and strong construction from high grade MDF. It’s low to the grown and has protective side guards.

Buy Now: Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Kids Toddler Bed, £93.99, Wayfair

3. Spiderman Toddler Bed By HelloHome

Spiderman Toddler Bed By HelloHome

If your little boy loves playing a superhero at home, then check out this cool Spiderman toddler bed. It has fun Spiderman graphics on the headboard and footboard. It’s low to the ground and has protective side guards, designed to keep your toddler secure throughout the night.

Buy Now: Spiderman Toddler Bed By HelloHome, £99.99,

4. Theme Junior Racing Car Bed

Theme Junior Racing Car Bed

This beautiful car themed toddler bed will liven up your kids bedroom and will be ready and assembled in no time. The whole product cleverly slots together, without any screws or fixings. It has a smooth curved design, and high edges so your toddler doesn’t fall out of bed at night.

Buy Now: Theme Junior Racing Car Bed, £109.99, Wayfair

5. Explorer Rocket Ship Bed

Karley Junior Toddler Bed

Have your kid take off and explore the universe with this fun Rocket Ship toddler bed. It’s very easy to put together and has high side guards to keep your toddler in bed while sleeping.

Buy Now: Explorer Rocket Ship Bed, £109.99, Wayfair

6. Jaqueline Racing Toddler Car Bed with Mattress

Jaqueline Racing Toddler Car Bed

This toddler bed has cool Speed Racer Car details, that will bring fun and adventure into your kids bedroom. There is a rear spoiler on the back, that can be used as a handy shelf. It’s made of manufactured and solid wood, and has high guards so your toddler won’t tumble out of bed.

Buy Now: Jaqueline Racing Toddler Car Bed with Mattress, £105.99, Wayfair

7. Toddler Beds with storage by Hello Home

hello home toddler beds

Hello Home has launched a cool toddler bed collection, that has a strong construction and 2 storage drawers. For their collection they have picked the most loved animation characters: Spiderman (whose eyes glow in the dark), PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Disney Cars. All beds have two protective side guards, are low to the ground, and are easy to assemble. They come with 2 fabric storage drawers, a perfect storage solution for all those toys and clothes.

Buy Now: Spider-Man Toddler Bed with Light Up Eyes and Storage Drawers, £149.99, Wayfair
Buy Now: PJ Masks Toddler Bed with underbed storage, £149.99,
Buy Now: Paw Patrol Chase Toddler Bed with storage, £149.99,
Buy Now: Disney Cars Toddler Bed with Underbed Storage, £149.99,

8. Fire Truck Toddler Bed

tire truck toddler bed

This Fire Truck toddler bed captures all the fun and excitement of a fire station. It’s low to the ground, has two bed rails shaped like a ladder, convenient storage space on the front and has a sturdy construction.

Buy Now: Fire Truck Toddler Bed, £189, Cuckooland

9. Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed with storage

Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed

Your little boy will be jumping on board his very own Thomas the Tank Engine every night! It has a canopy, a bench seat and two fabric storage drawers underneath, that can be used to store toys. Your kid can spend hours playing an engine driver during the day, and then hop on board and drift off to sleep at night.

Buy Now: Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed with storage, £199.99,

10. Aeroplane Toddlers Bed

Airplane Convertible Bed

This awesome Airplane toddler bed will take your kid on magical adventures every night. It has beautiful airplane design and paintwork, and the propeller on front actually spins! It’s low to the ground and has sturdy wooden construction.

Buy Now: Aeroplane Convertible Bed, £219, Cuckooland

11. Sunny Safari Convertible Toddler Bed

Sunny Safari Toddler Bed

Your kid will be going on a safari adventure every night with this Safari themed toddler bed. It’s beautifully hand painted with non-toxic paints, and it’s made from wood for a durable and sturdy construction.

Buy Now: Sunny Safari Convertible Toddler Bed, £250, Amazon

Please note: the prices mentioned in this post were last updated on April, 2019. For up to date prices, please click on the link of each product.