11 Standard Bunk Beds That Will Look Great in Any Bedroom

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Bunk beds are a great way to save space if you have two kids that need to share a room, or if you want to have a spare bed for guests or kids sleepovers. When choosing a bunk bed, here are a few things that you want to keep in mind:

  • Some bunk beds can be separated into 2 single beds, which is a great option to have once your kids grow older and need some more space.
  • Check if the ladder can be positioned on either side of the bed.
  • Check the height of your ceiling, and where you intent to place the bed in your room, this way you will be sure it will fit properly in the bedroom.
  • Also keep in mind that due to safety reasons the minimum age for the top bunk is 6 years old.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a bunk bed, check out our list of 12 standard bunk beds that will fit any budget, style and interior.

Need a mattress? Most of the furniture retailers listed here, give you the option to add a comfy mattress when you’re making your order. This way you can purchase the bunk bed and mattresses together.

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1. Bedford Single Bunk Bed

Bedford Single Bunk Bed

This is a classic bunk bed, that is crafted from wood and painted in elegant white finish. It will look great in any room interior and it has the option to be separated into two single beds if necessary.

Buy Now: Bedford Single Bunk Bed, £194.99, Wayfair

2. Abraham Bunk Bed

Abraham Bunk Bed

If you are a big fan of pine wood furniture, then you will love this classic bunk bed made from pine wood. It’s sturdy and has the option to convert into two separate beds if needed.

Buy Now: Abraham Bunk Bed, £260.99, Wayfair

3. Abby Kelly Single Bunk Bed

Abby Kelly Single Bunk Bed

This is a beautiful bunk bed, with internal storage shelving that your kids can use to store their books or toys. It’s made with medium density fibreboard and particle board, its sturdy construction ensures years of utility and durability. The latter has wide steps for easy access to the top bunk bed and also has strips underneath that glow in the dark.

Buy Now: Abby Kelly Single Bunk Bed, £332.99, Wayfair

4. Barnese Single Bunk Bed

Barnese Single Bunk Bed

This is a modern bunk bed available in grey and white. It’s made from solid pine wood, so it’s sturdy and durable. It can be separated into two beds, and the latter can be placed on the right side only.

Buy Now: Barnese Single Bunk Bed, £270.99, Wayfair

5. Flexa Kids Heidi Bunk Bed in White

Flexa Kids Heidi Bunk Bed in White

This is a contemporary bunk bed, made from responsibly sourced European wood. It has a central ladder with wider rungs, for an easier and safer climb up the stairs. You can also purchase an bed drawer sold separately at £95, giving you extra storage.

Buy Now: Flexa Kids Heidi Bunk Bed in White, £369, Cuckooland

6. Eleanor Single Bunk Bed

Eleanor Single Bunk Bed

This bunk bed combines style and practicality. It includes a pull-out drawer and extensive shelving for your kids’ books and toys. The latter has wider steps and glow-in-the dark strips for added safety. It’s made from manufactured wood.

Buy Now: Eleanor Single Bunk Bed, £412.99, Wayfair

7. Flair Wizard L Shape Bunk Bed

Flair Wizard L Shape Bunk Bed

This is an L-shaped bunk bed, that will fit perfectly in the corner or the middle of a bedroom. There is lots of storage space with the build-in shelves, and you have the option to buy as an addition a drawer chest or a computer desk.

Buy Now: Flair Wizard L Shape Bunk Bed, £519, Amazon

8. Joey Bunk Bed by Flair Furnishings

Joey Bunk Bed by Flair

This is a bunk bed low to the floor, reducing the height of the bottom and top bed. It’s perfect if you have a small bedroom or if you’re just looking for a low bunk bed. There are build-in shelves at either end of the bed, so your kids can store their books and toys. It’s made from MDF with a solid oak latter.

Buy Now: Joey Bunk Bed by Flair Furnishings, £299.95 (was 489.99), Cuckooland

9. Linus Bunk Bed

Linus Bunk Bed

This bunk bed has a Scandinavian look to it, and will look great in any bedroom interior. It’s made from pine and engineered wood and it’s been rigorously tested for safety. It’s available in white and pine colour combination, as well as grey and pine.

Buy Now: Linus Bunk Bed, £499, Made.com

10. Isaiah Single Upholstered Bunk Bed

Isaiah Single Upholstered Bunk Bed

If you’re looking for something more stylish and sophisticated, then you’ll want to check out this upholstered bunk bed. It has a sturdy wooden ladder and wooden feet, and upholstered bed frame.

Buy Now: Isaiah Single Upholstered Bunk Bed, £609.99, Wayfair

11. Lifetime Kids Luxury Bunk Bed

Lifetime Kids Luxury Bunk Bed

This is a luxurious handcrafted bunk bed, made from Scandinavian pinewood from 100% certified and sustainable forest. It’s available in 3 colour finishes, all painted with non-toxic paints. You can purchase additionally either an underbed drawer or a trundle that you can use as an extra guest bed. There are other extras you can choose to add to your bed: such as corner shelf, clip on table, hanging box, etc. This bunk bed is handmade in Denmark and therefore needs about 6 weeks for delivery.

Buy Now: Lifetime Kids Luxury Bunk Bed, £1045, Cuckooland

Please note: the prices mentioned in this post were last updated on April, 2019. For up to date prices, please click on the link of each product.


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